About Amrapali Leisure Valley villas:

Amrapali Leisure Valley villas located in Noida Extension Sector 1, that project provides you numerous benefits such as prime location, comfortable lifestyle and lavish lifestyle with top notch amenities. This project is beautifully designed and well-architectured by Amrapali Group. The project is spread over 52 acres with lavish designs and the Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas Price starts from Rs. 1850 sq.ft to Rs. 2950 sq.ft, offers you different variants like 3 BHK to 5 BHK units.

About Amrapali Group :

Amrapali Leisure Valley is built by Amrapali Group with the best floor plan and Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas Layout Plan. It’s a prime group in the Realty market in Greater Noida West. The Amrapali Group delivered their project on time for high-end residential villas.

Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas Location advantages :

Amrapali Leisure Valley villas Location has various advantages like it is directly connected via main road or nearby metro station. There are several schools, hospitals, colleges, shopping malls and other amenities available.


The amenities provide by Amrapali Leisure Valley are:
Landscaped Garden,
Indoor Games,
Earthquake Resistant,
Swimming Pool,
Play Area,
Rain Water Harvesting,
Club House,
Health Facilities,
Tennis Court,
Car Parking,
Fire Safety,
Maintenance Staff,
24Hr Backup Electricity,
Drainage and Sewage Treatment,
Vaastu and Security.
All these resources with comfort are available to relax with safety and security 24*7.

Can Lying Help You Win More Negotiations?

When asked if lying helps win negotiations, I say it depends on several factors. It depends on what is considered a lie and how such is perceived by the other negotiator.

As an example, some negotiators don’t consider having told a lie if they omit information or they misquote it due to faulty memory; the latter will be classified as a mistake by them. Based on how that negotiator has positioned himself (i.e. trustworthy, versus someone to be cautious of), he may be forgiven for an omission or chastised by the opposing negotiator.

  • Consider What’s Normal:

Consider what’s normal in the opposing negotiator’s world to assess how believable your offer may appear. When it comes to lies, most negotiators will base their perspective on what’s normal for them; they’ll do so based on their culture and background while considering the same about yours. From which, they may have preconceived notions as to how truthful or deceitful you’ll be during the negotiation. With that perspective as their backdrop, they may fit you into a category and be less or more forgiving if they sense you’re lying. Thus, if something sounds too good to be true, even if your offer is bona fide, it may be perceived as suspect if that’s their perspective.

  • Positioning for Perception:

To the degree you’re perceived as someone that’s honest, trustworthy, and respectful, you’ll be perceived as someone that can be forgiven if you lie. That perception will be altered based on the number of times you’re perceived as lying and the purpose for which you may be lying. Another factor to consider is the opposing negotiator’s negotiation style or node (i.e. hard, easy, open, closed). Depending on the negotiation style/node, one negotiator may allow you to lie for a longer period of time and not say anything while one with a different style/node may admonish you quicker per your nonfactual statements.

If you make an honest mistake during the negotiation and you sense the opposing negotiator has called your statement into question, correct what might be misperceived sooner versus later. By doing so you’ll project consistency with your pronouncements, which will serve as confirmation per your intent to be truthful.

  • Your Negotiation Reputation:

As you engage in negotiations throughout your life, your negotiation reputation should be carefully crafted. If you acquire a reputation as one that’s trustworthy, you can point to this fact as a reason to be believed. A savvy negotiator will have done her homework on you and gathered such insight prior to entering into the negotiation. In so doing she’ll know that you’re someone that can be trusted, if that’s the case, and be more lenient if a lie is told by you. That leniency in such a case may prove to be the difference between a tumultuous negotiation and one that floats on the wings of ease.

During your negotiation, don’t consider it to be a one-off situation (i.e. once and done). To the degree you learn from the experiences you encounter in a negotiation your negotiation skills will be altered. Thus, if you keep in mind that you’re always negotiating, you’ll also remember that you reap what you sew, but you also sew what you reap. In so doing, never consider a truth to be a lie or a lie to be a truth simply because it becomes an obsession in your mind… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

Chocolate Presents

Whatever the occasion you’re celebrating, conventional gift ideas, such as champagne, flowers and chocolate are all of the time heartily welcomed.

Chocolate gifts are especially exceptional and versatile. There’s something for everybody, whatsoever the age or the milestone, from birthdays, days of remembrance, valentines, Christmas and Easter to dinners, house warmings and thank you gifts of all sorts.

A widely range of chocolate gift ideas can be found, from recherché milk and bittersweet chocolates from the continent to foreign flavours around the globe, deluxe, organic, fair trade, wheat and gluten free, dairy free, truffles and knickknack chocolates including chocolate cats, dogs, footballs, cars, coins and hearts.

The roots of chocolate can be followed back to Mayan and Aztec cultures in Central America. Chocolate was solely for drinking till the early Victorian era, when a formula for making solid eating chocolate was invented.

The story of chocolate commences with cocoa trees. They grow in the selvas of Central and South America and cocoa beans were utilised for hundreds of years by the Aztecs as an ingredient for their chocolate drink and as vogue.

Whenever you’re searching inspirational gift idea, a lot of chocolate companies offer clients an inspired range of gala gifts and classic children’s gifts with a choice of box designs or gift wrapping, personalised greeting cards, and chances to make your own chocolate message.

There are numerous chocolates to choose from and they’re beautifully graced and presented in a diversity of gift boxes in all shapes and sizes, big enough for box sharing, satin or elegant ribboned boxes, heart shaped boxes and specialities that have that little extra, including fruit gelatins, brazils, toffy and soaked nuts or a selection of orangish, Citrus aurantifolia, vanilla extract and raspberry bush truffles.