About Amrapali Leisure Valley villas:

Amrapali Leisure Valley villas located in Noida Extension Sector 1, that project provides you numerous benefits such as prime location, comfortable lifestyle and lavish lifestyle with top notch amenities. This project is beautifully designed and well-architectured by Amrapali Group. The project is spread over 52 acres with lavish designs and the Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas Price starts from Rs. 1850 sq.ft to Rs. 2950 sq.ft, offers you different variants like 3 BHK to 5 BHK units.

About Amrapali Group :

Amrapali Leisure Valley is built by Amrapali Group with the best floor plan and Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas Layout Plan. It’s a prime group in the Realty market in Greater Noida West. The Amrapali Group delivered their project on time for high-end residential villas.

Amrapali Leisure Valley Villas Location advantages :

Amrapali Leisure Valley villas Location has various advantages like it is directly connected via main road or nearby metro station. There are several schools, hospitals, colleges, shopping malls and other amenities available.


The amenities provide by Amrapali Leisure Valley are:
Landscaped Garden,
Indoor Games,
Earthquake Resistant,
Swimming Pool,
Play Area,
Rain Water Harvesting,
Club House,
Health Facilities,
Tennis Court,
Car Parking,
Fire Safety,
Maintenance Staff,
24Hr Backup Electricity,
Drainage and Sewage Treatment,
Vaastu and Security.
All these resources with comfort are available to relax with safety and security 24*7.

Public Speaking – Three Surprising Tips to Improve Your Presentations

You’ve all heard the advice to get to know your audience, make eye contact, don’t say “um,” check your equipment, and similar public speaking techniques to make your presentations as powerful as they can be. These are great tips, and you’ll hear them over and over, but I’ve got some lesser-known suggestions for you today that will benefit you and your audience as much as more common advice.

Pointer 1: Take your medications

As an allergy sufferer, I can tell you that I am not at my best when giving a talk through sniffles and itchy eyes. Even if I’m not having a particular allergic day, I will be sure to take my prescription medication before I speak, to ensure that I don’t have a sudden unexpected reaction.

If your nervousness goes to your gut, by all means take your upset stomach medication. If you get tension headaches, head them off at the pass with your favorite pain reliever. Do what it takes to avoid the physical distractions that will disrupt your performance and keep you from doing your best.

One caveat to this advice: Avoid psychiatric anti-anxiety medications before speaking; you will not be as sharp as you could be. There are non-pharmaceutical ways of dealing with nervousness and anxiety that will not interfere with your ability to think on your feet and interact with your audience.

Pointer 2: Start on time

How many times have you arrived on time for a presentation, even early, and ended up sitting there for an extra fifteen minutes while stragglers made their way to the seats in the back of the room? Then, because the presentation started late, it ends late, but you’ve had to miss the end because you have other commitments on your schedule.

Waiting for latecomers rewards latecomers, but it punishes those who were on time for your presentation. Latecomers may be a distraction when then enter the room after the presentation has started, but what’s worse: a little disruption by laggards or being responsible for annoying the half of your audience who made the effort to be on time and now might miss the end if you go over?

Take charge of the room, take charge of your time, and make the decision to reward the people who are committed and punctual.

Pointer 3: Give the end of your sentences the same energy you give to the beginning of your sentences

This is a simple tool but an effective one. Some people’s voices trail off at the ends of sentences, making it hard to hear the last few words they’ve said. As a speaker, trailing off at the ends of sentences means that your audience might miss something important. Make sure you are emphasizing both ends of your sentences, and your audience will never miss a crucial point or valuable tip!

Stick with the tried-and-true public speaking advice you’ve heard before, but in addition, try adding these three tricks to your bag the next time you have a speaking engagement. See if you don’t feel more confident and pulled together on stage and more successful in connecting with the audience.

Christmas Gifts and Presents – Buying Your Wife Or Girlfriend Jewelry

The fact that men are generally not the best people to choose presents for their wives or girlfriends is long-standing and indisputable. However, when Christmas time comes around, it is more than sensible to at least go to the effort of trying to satisfy her jewelry needs. Though choosing the right jewelry is never the easiest task, as fashion plays a big role in the price and suitability of the jewelry. This article has been compiled with information on the most popular and fashionable women’s jewelry items this Christmas to help you find the perfect gift.

Although their popularity has not really diminished over the years, diamonds have become a popular purchase as Christmas presents this winter. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so it makes sense to utilize this concept and go for a sure-fire winner. However, before you rush out to buy the biggest diamond you can for your money, you need to do your homework. Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes, cuts, sizes and colors, which all dictate their value. One diamond could be a quarter the size of another, but if it is flawless, pink and well cut by a known diamond specialist, it can easily be double the price.

Bracelets have also been growing in popularity over the course of 2010, up to a point now where it seems that the more bracelets a girl wears, the better or more fashionable the look! At least as long as you buy bracelets that are thin and you do not go over the top that is. Another item that is hard to miss on the catwalk this winter is oversized rings. Although initially popularized in early 2010, large rings are certainly in this Christmas and would make a great, cheap gift for your wife or girlfriend.

Big is the buzz word for fashion accessories this autumn/winter as coupled with oversized rings, jumbo sized earring are also in. However, as most people who wear earrings know, big earrings can be quite uncomfortable over extended periods of time and for this reason, when you are looking for a gift for your wife or girlfriend, make sure that you do not get a pair that are too big, unless you are going for that extra quirky gift.

Bold but natural is the direction in which fashion jewelry is heading this season, so that means that natural, earthy colors are best, and materials like wood and stone work well too. Utilizing black, brown, beige or any other earthy tones with these materials creates a nostalgic impression that goes well with certain fashion styles, but not all.