Thirteen Tips For Entrepreneurs When Making Oral Presentations to Investors

Let’s say that as an entrepreneur you have decided you need to seek investors for your business venture and you now have the opportunity to make oral presentations to potential investors. In order to capitalize on your opportunity, you want to and need to make the most effective presentation possible. Here are 13 tips for making effective presentations to investors from my perspective as a business coach:

1. Introduce your management team and have profiles of each member available as handouts after the presentation.

2. Present a brief history of your company or venture.

3. Always be concise (experience shows that investors are typically very pressed for time) to show respect for the value of the investors time.

4. Present the key facts & figures by memory.

5. Present an overview of the opportunity and the market for your products and/or services.

6. Present compelling reasons why your products and/or services can establish a market niche against your competition.

7. Present a brief overview of projected revenues and profits over the next 5 years and any key assumptions used in those projections.

8. Address the potential risks and problems in a concise presentation of your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths) analysis of the business.

9. Let the investor(s) know you are also approaching other investment sources.

10. Provide handouts at the conclusion of your oral presentation. These may include: summary of proposed deal; contact person’s name and preferred means of contact (phone, email, etc.); the benefits and return to the investors; a brief well written business summary; key management team member profiles, and well-designed product brochures, pictures of the product and other marketing materials such as testimonials and case studies.

11. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse your oral presentation!

12. Be prepared t answer any question about your proposed business venture.

13. Always thank the potential investors for the opportunity to make your presentation. This should include a written thank you, in addition to a verbal one at the conclusion of your presentation.

Using the above tips will prepare you for that oral presentation and will increase your probability of success in gaining interest and approval from potential investors.

Presentation Folders Help Improve Businesses Considerably

We need success in all our endeavors and we are more sensitive to the fact when we make a presentation of a subject to the customer or to any other individual. Presentation folders are truly essential component of the process to exhibit the caliber of a company or an individual in various stages. In the childhood, we need to make the display to the best of our ability in schools and colleges and that is the first stage when we learn about the display factor in the life. It is the class of presentation that reflects in the evaluation of an individual and a company. Hence, you should give adequate importance to the presentation folder printing task for the business to impress the market. You are trying desperately to get the recognition in the market and it is the perfect marketing tool to do so. You do well in making a wonderful representation before the clientele to win over them quickly. You will be able to score high points when you do the task exceedingly well and obtain rich dividends.

It is the primary display of the company to make a strong impression on the customer and you should make adequate investment in the matter so that you are able to look very much organized. It is a package of different information about the company, which can be explained to a customer for convincing purpose. It may tell about a manufacturing process, different stages, and use of sophisticated machines and so on to draw the attention of the consumer. It may be used for explaining various uses of a product or service to gain the confidence of the prospective buyer. The descriptive technique of presentation folders should be arranged by a professional designer to create a tone of consistency in the approach. It is the job of a high caliber online printing company.

Presentation folder printing is a fantastic venture and you can use it as a cool business tool to improve the image of your company in the market so that you enjoy improved confidence of consumers. You will definitely achieve greater growth in business.

Present Trends in Dinnerware

In present times the trend is towards use of artistic dinnerware. Nowadays there are various shades, shapes, colors, designs and patterns to select from. Various types are of available such as classical, impressionistic, oriental and decorative to choose from.

Vibrant Patterns and Colors

The present trend is for selecting bright yellows, oranges, blues & gold metallic as these colors help to bring life and warmth into subdued backgrounds that our homes have. Some selections include ethnic prints such as African Motifs, patterns of Native American style and Asian batiks.

Blacks and Browns

Currently blacks and browns are in favor compared to whites. The demand is more for different shades of brown like coffee, dark chocolate and dusky ones. And these are contrasted with other colors such as blue, yellow& green to give the dinnerware a different look. Similarly black is also used and contrasted with whites as well as golden shades.

Eco Dinnerware

The trend to keep our environment clean has made many people adapt to using recycled tableware. These are made from recycled products and reflect different shades especially of green like olives and jades with different patterns which represent nature by use of leaves and other types of foliage.

Fancy Graphics

The popularity for unconventional and abstract graphics has gained popularity in recent times and helped to make the dining table more eye catching.

Irregular Shapes

Shapes other than round are more in use. Some shapes like squares, star and geometric patterns are gaining popularity moment. Dinner plates, soup bowls and dinnerware in such irregular shapes are making their way into hotels, restaurants and kitchens.