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Negotiation Wars – Men Vs Women

There are many factors that go into any negotiation- what style you use (competitive collaborative, accommodating), cultural issues that impact values and habits, and lastly gender. Men and women negotiate differently.

“I want this for this amount,” is a male statement with a goal focus.

“I’d like to know how you came up with that number,” is a female negotiation statement, which is more open ended.

Men view negotiations as a one time event. They are better at negotiating for themselves and reaching individual goals. They are usually more competitive.

Women, on the other hand, often let negotiation opportunities go by, set low goals and concede easily. Unlike men, usually women let their emotions show through, but are more about mutual gains than individualistic tendencies.

Neither style is right or wrong. There are suggestions so that men and women can negotiate more effectively, especially when it is a long term relationship whether business or personal.

First there should be a correcting of impressions. Also look to taking turns talking and possibly moving physically closer together than staying farther apart. Take the opportunities to ask questions. Negotiation, in this case, does require preparation. This would not be a one time negotiation to buy a car, for example.

Men and women can have successful negotiations with a little understanding of the differences that each brings. It is not a hindrance, but a chance to learn how to communicate effectively and for women, an opportunity to level the playing field where sometimes they feel at a disadvantage.

A Career in Negotiations

Earning your MBA can give you career a great boost, but earning an MBA in negotiations will teach you vital skills in the world of business. As a negotiations specialist, you will need to know how to handle difficult people and situations, and ethically and effectively come up with a resolution that will satisfy both parties.

In your career, you will be constantly negotiating and resolving conflict as you do in your personal life. Most businesses and organizations need to have some structure when it comes to negations and conflict resolution. Professionals who specialize in negotiations and conflict management can ensure that there are clear boundaries of responsibility and authority within an organization. Negotiation skills are among the most important determinants of career success, and having professional training in negotiations will but you at the top of your career. While negotiation is often considered an art form, there are precise techniques that people can learn through study.

Understanding specific negotiations techniques and skill development can be a critical component of your career and personal success. Earning your masters degree in negotiations will teach you the theory of conflict and how you go about resolving the situations. You will learn all about dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. Courses in negotiations programs will focus on how to influence and negotiate effectively in the face of complicated situations. You will learn optimal tactics and strategies for working with individuals or with groups. You will also learn how changes in the negotiation situation will impact the outcome. You will also be trained in communication strategies to help you work more effectively with multiple groups, and cultural situations. Some core skill that you will learn will involve working and managing teams, verbal and non-verbal communications, ethics, and influence skills.