Nourishing Night Cream – All That Must Be Present in the Best Product

Every single person would love to have their skin nourished to be smooth, shiny, radiant and finely polished. So for this you might of course be looking out for the perfect nourishing night cream to suite your skin type. To get the maximum benefit and to feel and look younger you need to check out for the all the natural products that are available easy at the stores. With the perfect formula you will certainly get back all your lost confidence and of course the shine on your face making you look more than 10 years younger.

Night is the time of darkness when the real rejuvenation process with repair of your cells takes place. This is when you need to give real boosting up of the entire process and that has to be done all naturally. You will have to ensure that these products are increasingly present in your jar and it is simple job by just checking out the ingredient lists present on the label.

The natural components in a day cream and that of a night cream certainly differ as the process that takes place is also completely different. It includes avocado extract, Active Manuka honey from New Zealand, emollients that are specially made for this process, shea butter and other plant-based oils.

The major reason why you should depend on a good nourishing night cream is because as you get older the skin looses the collagen and elastin protein complexes responsible for firmness and elasticity of the skin. Apart from this, the Hyaluronic acid levels greatly fall leading to dryness and wrinkle formation resulting in the formation of free radicals.

Cynergy TK is the key component of many natural nourishing night creams that can give you best results as it helps in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to a greater extend smoothing out the lines and wrinkles all naturally.

Phytessence Wakame, also known as the Japanese algae is the other ingredient that helps in boosting up the formation of Hyaluronic acid by inhibiting the enzyme hyaluronidase that breaks the Hyaluronic acid of the skin.

Coenzyme Q10 known to be the best anti-oxidants can penetrate deep inside the layers of the skin fighting against the free radicals that are formed. Thus it prepares your skin to attain the glow and beauty that you boasted off years back.

The three major ingredients listed above are a must to have ones in your nourishing night cream to give you the best effects all naturally and safely! These proven components work against the dull texture of your skin, wrinkles and other aging signs as well as dryness that is a major problem for aged or chemical treated skin.

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Creating Engaging and Powerful PowerPoint Presentations – New Year’s Resolution for PPT Presenters

Whether you are a professional or an amateur presenter, one thing that could possibly ruin your performance – the poor quality of your PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, which many presenters have neglected its potential to engage with their audience. Due to lack of enhancing PPT presentations, your audience might feel distress about your insensitivity of displaying “lousy” or “irritating” PPT slides to them, and that would cause a minor snag in your performance.

Thus, you need to have a strong resolution on this coming New Year – Making as many engaging PPT slides as possible in order to gain good rapport from your audience. It is also a great long-term plan for many areas – for instance, you could boost your sales when you are describing products to your clients, or maybe you could receive certain recognition from your audience by outsmarting other presenters who did not take advantage of the presentation tools.

Here are a few steps that you should follow to work on this resolution:

1. Find a suitable mentor – You need to get some inspiration from famous presenters such as Steve Jobs, Randy Paush, Ken Robinson and etc. If you could find the right one – then, you should start looking for one immediately via, by watching fascinating talks by remarkable speakers.

2. Always think or see things from your audience’s perspective – Avoid being a “selfish” presenter by neglecting your audience’s perspective. For example, you need to take note of your audience’s visibility, in that case, you need to increase the font size, select the right colors of the font, and slide layout.

3. Being simple is simply enough – Try to restrict yourself from putting too much texts and animations into your slides as it could create unnecessary distractions. Your main aim is to engage with your audience with your presentation with less distraction, not making things harder for your audience to perceive.

4. Break the “tradition” – Do not be tempted to use the default PPT templates repeatedly in your presentation. Hence, you can either purchase new PPT templates or download them for free on the Internet. Other than that, you can hire a designer to design a new template based on your preferences.

5. Add-in some laughter and interaction with your audience – Your build rapport with your audience by making your audience laugh during intervals. Certainly, if you have any jokes to share among your audience, it has to be relevant and straight to the point as it can a good way to lighten the atmosphere.

It is time to bade farewell to “worse” PPT slides and embrace this New Year with enhancing PPT presentations!

10 Ways to UNimpress When You’re Presenting

1) Apologizing: For being unprepared, afraid, for your PowerPoint slides being in the wrong order, impossible to read, inaccurate…

2) Having and showing PowerPoint slides that are in the wrong order, impossible to read, inaccurate, too busy, too “flashy”: Remember, LESS IS MORE when it comes to visuals. Don’t let your slides put you in a metaphorical straight jacket.

3) Talking to the slides instead of to your audience: They should be looking at you – unless you’re showing compelling data to back up a point you’re making – and you should be looking at them.

4) ‘You know’ing and ‘I mean’ ing all over the place: You know and I mean are two phrases that bespeak insecurity. Repeatedly saying “You know” is asking the audience for confirmation, agreement, positive reinforcement; none of which are their job or duty to give. “I mean” tells them you’re not exactly sure what you mean. Do them a favor and figure out what you mean before you get in front of them.

5) Winging it: Unless you’re a tiny percent of the population, if you’re winging it it’s going to show. Best case, you’ll look a little unstructured; worst case, your audience will be thinking, “Presenter; unprepared. Me; unimpressed.”

6) Bragging about winging it: Like bragging about coming to a sales meeting blind – when you’re the guy selling. Not a way to instill confidence in you, or show respect for your audience and their time.

7) Looking (and feeling) frazzled, unorganized, and or uncomfortable: Your audience can’t relax and fully engage with you and your message if you’re struggling with the clicker or microphone, searching for your notes, or commenting on the acoustics, lighting or logistics. This is probably happening because you’re…

8) Arriving just before you’re scheduled to speak: Nothing says ‘this presentation is not a priority’ like a speaker flying into the room just minutes before he or she is ‘on’. As an audience member, that pretty much hits the bulls eye of UNimpressive. Get there early; check out the layout of the room, the lights, sound, projector, and click through your slides. You should know the room so well, it should feel like home – a home into which you can welcome your audience.

9) Saying something ‘funny’ about politics, religion or sex: It may be hilarious to you and your friends and family. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have at least 50% of your audience not so amused. DO NOT make jokes about anything having to do with these three topics. Period.

10)Attempting to be like a speaker you admire: Those speakers are great because they’re being authentic. If you try to imitate them you won’t impress (or fool) anyone. You’ll only succeed in looking like an amateur, or worse, coming across as phony. BE YOU.

Don’t panic if you recognize yourself in any of these UNimpressive behaviors. Make a promise to change starting now. You’ll be wowing audiences in no time. Better yet, you’ll be heard.