Let Mr Zipf Help You Win Your Next Negotiation

OK, so I admit it, “win” is generally not a term that we are supposed to use when talking about a negotiation. Remember, it’s not about winning or losing a negotiation, but rather how you play the game. However, let’s say that what I really mean is that no matter what negotiation styles or negotiating techniques are being used in your next negotiation, you should take the time to let Mr. Zipf help you to get the best deal possible. How’s that? Better?

What Mr. Zipf Wants You To Know

Hopefully we can all agree that the person who does the most preparation for the next negotiation that you are going to be involved in will most likely end up walking away from the discussions with the best deal. This always leads to the question: just how much homework is required for a negotiation?

A gentleman by the name of Mr. Zipf wondered the same thing several years ago. He decided to do some studies on just exactly how people act. What he found out just might surprise you.

What Zipf discovered what that people tend to put in the least amount of effort that is required to achieve a goal. When comes to getting ready for a negotiation, this means that the other side of the table will not do any more research or work than they feel is absolutely necessary.

This has big implications for you. It turns out that if you are willing to put in as much time and effort as you possibly can in getting ready for your next negotiation, then Mr. Zipf believes that you can have a very good chance of winning every point in your next negotiation.

Mr. Zipf’s Documents Secret

Most of the negotiations that we are involved in are long, complicated, drawn-out affairs. What this means is that there is way too much going on for anyone to have a hope of being able to remember what has been agreed to, what still needs to be discussed, or exactly why various decisions were made in the first place.

What this all means is that the documents that we use during a negotiation are critical. Once it’s been written down, everyone feels that the issue has been documented and they can move on to the next topic. However, the big question is who wrote if down?

Mr. Zipf recommends that we always offer to create the documents that will be used in the negotiations. By creating the documents, you’ll be taking control of the negotiations. Because you were the author of the documents, the other side will not be able to determine what was put into the document or what you chose to leave out. It can easy to carefully read a document and review what’s there; however, it is very hard to read a document and try to determine what is not there.

What All Of This Means For You

I’ve got some great news for you: you have a very good chance of being able to walk away from your next principled negotiation with the deal that you want. If you’re willing to listen to what Mr. Zipf has to say, you’ve got a very good chance of getting your way.

Mr. Zipf has done the research. What he found is that the other side of the table more often than not will just do the minimum required to get ready for the negotiation. If you do that – and then even more, you can be the one who is well prepared. The better prepared you are, the better your chances of coming out ahead are.

No, negotiating has not just suddenly become easier to do. Rather, you should view this as being the motivation for you to take the time to do all of that pre-negotiation homework that you know that you need to do. It turns out, according to Mr. Zipf, it’s all going to pay off for you!

Chocolate Presents

Whatever the occasion you’re celebrating, conventional gift ideas, such as champagne, flowers and chocolate are all of the time heartily welcomed.

Chocolate gifts are especially exceptional and versatile. There’s something for everybody, whatsoever the age or the milestone, from birthdays, days of remembrance, valentines, Christmas and Easter to dinners, house warmings and thank you gifts of all sorts.

A widely range of chocolate gift ideas can be found, from recherché milk and bittersweet chocolates from the continent to foreign flavours around the globe, deluxe, organic, fair trade, wheat and gluten free, dairy free, truffles and knickknack chocolates including chocolate cats, dogs, footballs, cars, coins and hearts.

The roots of chocolate can be followed back to Mayan and Aztec cultures in Central America. Chocolate was solely for drinking till the early Victorian era, when a formula for making solid eating chocolate was invented.

The story of chocolate commences with cocoa trees. They grow in the selvas of Central and South America and cocoa beans were utilised for hundreds of years by the Aztecs as an ingredient for their chocolate drink and as vogue.

Whenever you’re searching inspirational gift idea, a lot of chocolate companies offer clients an inspired range of gala gifts and classic children’s gifts with a choice of box designs or gift wrapping, personalised greeting cards, and chances to make your own chocolate message.

There are numerous chocolates to choose from and they’re beautifully graced and presented in a diversity of gift boxes in all shapes and sizes, big enough for box sharing, satin or elegant ribboned boxes, heart shaped boxes and specialities that have that little extra, including fruit gelatins, brazils, toffy and soaked nuts or a selection of orangish, Citrus aurantifolia, vanilla extract and raspberry bush truffles.

Unique Christmas Presents For Your Old Parents

You love your parent very much and are proud of them for having done so much for you when you were a kid. Now that you are well settled, you wish to give all your love to them. Christmas is approaching and it gives you an opportunity to give them Christmas gifts to tell them how important they still are for you. There are countless Christmas presents in the market from choose from, but you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts that will let them enjoy the festival and also make them realize how much you care for them. Take a look.

Defensive driving

You may not think of this as a Christmas gift, but you will appreciate its true value only later. Your parent drive cars and they are good drivers too, but the traffic has become very heavy these days and you are worried about their safety all the time. Majority of the automobile accidents on road take place because of the fault of reckless drivers and also because of those who drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Defensive driving is a course that has been designed to teach techniques to defend oneself in the event of reckless driving of others.

You may be a very good driver who drives slowly and also follows all the rules and regulations of traffic, but the same cannot be said about those who are always in a hurry and do rash driving. To be on the safe side, it is better to be aware of methods to save one self when confronted by such drivers on road.

There is one more advantage of doing these defensive driving courses. Insurance companies tend to lower their insurance premiums on cars for those who have done these courses which is a big benefit in terms of savings.

Buying a gift voucher for defensive driving for your old parents is one way of telling them how much you care for them. They will appreciate your feelings and really value your gift.

Hot Air Balloon

If you want to really make your parents happy on the occasion of Christmas, buy gift vouchers for this outdoor recreational activity. As the name tells, this involves sitting in a basket under a balloon that has been inflated with hot air. Hot air being lighter than normal air takes the balloon up in the skies. Imagine floating in the air with clouds brushing your cheeks in the early morning skies. Yes, this is an activity that is undertaken before sunrise, and it ends with sunrise. There is a pilot (yes, even balloons have pilots) who guides the balloon in the desired direction.

This is a very beautiful experience which is once in a lifetime for those who go up in the skies in a balloon. Your parents will get some romantic moments in the company of each other while being so close to nature. They also get to see some breathtaking views from such a height.